There aren't many GREAT bass players out there. It's a pretty small club, but Rankin is a full fledged member. It's rare to find a player that can pull into a gig with his charts and one rehearsal under his belt and play like he's been a member of the band for decades.  Rankin is that kind of bass player. We're proud to call him in for our larger gigs, and hope to get him a lot more work in our studios. 

Peter "Ren" Renfree, Singer/Songwriter and Producer - AREN Creative.
and 2-Bit Palomino(2x Texas Vocal Group of the Year)

“Be on time and be prepared…Pro-level musicians will live this out. Rankin Peters is the model for this lifestyle. But he is much more than just a phenomenal bassist. His influence and impact on our worship team has been felt both onstage and off. We are a healthier team because of who he is. Having Rankin Peters in your band will no doubt take your sound and creativity to the next level. Having him as a friend...that will bless your life forever.”

Chad Strader, Worship Pastor, Lone Star Cowboy Church
Montgomery, TX

"Rankin Peters is a bassist extraordinaire, a musician's musician, a true professional. Whether reading charts, or listening with his incredible ear, his expert playing lifts my songs to very high level...and he's a great guy as well."

Brian Kalinec, Singer/Songwriter & President of Berkalin Records, Houston, TX

“I had a studio in Southern California for over 25 years working with top studio players there. Rankin is every bit as good, talented and professional as any of the bassists I used in California. He is a must-have for your session!!”

Michael Mikulka, owner, Lucky Run Studio, Houston, TX

"Rankin's smooth, deep grooves are a must for any record. I try to have him on every record I produce. My clients are always happy, and the performances are always stellar."

Brian Baker, Producer/Chief Engineer, Sound Arts Recording, Houston, TX

“Rankin brings his professionalism with him wherever he is, and applies it to whatever he's doing. Whether it's on stage or in the studio, he's prepared and ready to rock, with a positive attitude, which is certainly refreshing in this industry.”

Connie Mims, Texas Award Winning Songwriter and Recording Artist , Houston, TX

“Every musician brings something different to the studio when they perform your music; some are great readers and interpreters, some have great feel, some bring a unique style of their own. Rankin Peters is one of the very few musicians who bring all three. Affable and fun, Rankin is a true pleasure to work with. For over 15 years he has been my number one choice for bass (electric, acoustic, and upright) for every session… and will continue to be. And he’s a helluva nice guy to hang with.”

Scott Szabo, Composer and Producer, Szabo Sound and Music, Houston, TX

"During the years I lived and worked in Houston, if I needed a bass player for a recording session or a live gig, I always called Rankin first. Why? Because I wanted the best."

Bobby Terry, Producer, Bobby Terry Productions, Nashville, TN

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